GRILLZ: what you need to know

Grillz are metal teeth adornments that work similarly to a removable retainer. Grillz are the most custom jewelry you can buy. They fit to the wearers own teeth and are commonly made in gold of differing karats. Each RELD grill is handmade in wax upon the clients’ teeth model. Once the wax is created, it is removed from the teeth model and cast in metal any karat gold or silver. Raw metal casts are filed and polished to perfection in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Katie Krulock Photography

Katie Krulock Photography

First thing’s First: get an impression

Impressions from KING RELD are made using a two-part silicone putty that cures within 10 minutes. Silicone impressions are ideal for grill-makers because they capture fine detail and can be re-poured many, many times. You can make an appointment with KING RELD. KING RELD is currently providing home visits for all impressions. Impressions are done by appointment only! If you are not in Pittsburgh, PA, you can order and impression kit from KING RELD to start the grillz process. Read below to purchase an impression kit or make an impression appointment!


In-House impressions

KING RELD offers in-house impressions, by appointment only. All impression appointments can be scheduled with the RELD Scheduler below.



You can purchase a DIY impression kit below that will be shipped to you along with instructions:

Impression Kit
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create your own Custom Grill

Don’t see a grill you like 100%? Design your own super custom grill with KING RELD by filling out the form below. I will respond with a rough estimate of the design and if you accept, I will invoice you for your grill design. All invoiced custom work requires a 50% non-refundable deposit upon receipt and the rest at completion. Estimate and invoice prices are subject to the actual weight of the grill after it is cast and the fluctuation of daily market values of desired metals.

Custom Grill Design form

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Katie Krulock Photography

Katie Krulock Photography

Katie Krulock Photography

Katie Krulock Photography

Grill safety

Improper use of grillz can be detrimental to your dental health. Be sure to floss and brush your teeth twice daily in the midst of wearing your grill. Never force your grill onto your teeth. Teeth are fragile and expensive to fix.

If your grill gets bent, do not try to adjust it yourself. Let KING RELD adjust your grill, we may be able to fix it.

Some people have allergies to metals which can negatively affect your mouth and gums. If you feel any pain or discomfort, discontinue use of your grill immediately! Pain or discomfort can affect your gums very badly if not taken care of. Your gum health is pertinent to the health and structural stability of your teeth. Prolonged soreness to the gums can cause a tooth to abscess, requiring a root canal or worse!

If you wear your grill with care, you will be able to wear it for a long time. All polishing and cleaning is free for the life of your custom RELD.