Impression Kit


Impression Kit


You must purchase an impression kit to get a grill!

You can even do it at home!

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Step one: Brush your teeth and wash your hands really well! Take out 1 White putty and 1 Blue putty. Knead them together with your hands until the putty is one color, or until you can’t see any more white putty. You must do this quickly, within 30 seconds or less.

Step two: Roll the putty into a Vienna sausage shape. Pull off a tiny bit before placing inside the tray walls. Do not press it into the tray. The tiny bit will be useful to know when the putty has full hardened onto your teeth.

Step three: Open your mouth as wide as you can and place the tray with the mold putty onto your teeth. Press it up for tops teeth or down for bottom teeth and into your teeth until you cannot see your them. Use a mirror for this step. Do not let your teeth hit the bottom or sides of the tray. It is very important that the gum line is beneath the top of the putty. Your gum line is the most important part to get with the impression! Suck the tray onto your teeth.

Step four: DO NOT MOVE YOUR MOUTH OR TRY TO TALK! Hold still until the tiny bit you removed in STEP 2 is completely hard, usually 5-10 minutes. Once your putty has hardened, rock the tray side to side and up and down to un-suction it from your teeth and remove! You will probably drool so have a paper towel handy.

Step five: Look at your impression and make sure it looks like everything is there. If everything looks good, send back to KING RELD at this address:

717 Liberty Ave.

Suite #312

Pittsburgh, PA


Please visit !


Sarah Sindler